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a story of beauty. a story of grace. a story of sisterhood.

Hi there, friend. Welcome to The Mending Space. I’m Krista, the artist behind everything you see here. 

If you’ve got a minute, I would love to share the mending space story with you. 

In 2010, I taught myself to use a sewing machine, crafting patchwork pieces with vintage linens and found objects. A few years into that wabisabi style endeavor, an unexpected and joyful path emerged and I stumbled on the hand embroidery techniques called sashiko, boro stitching, and kantha stitching. A new freedom emerged as I began working with nothing more than my hands, reclaimed linens, a running stitch, and the occasional button or rusty object.

A new story unfolded, too. With a deep desire to share my art, my inspirations, and my life with others, I found a surprising space at Instagram. In my posts, I focused on reaching out and catching the threads of beautiful people all over the world and, as I did, I found my heart opening to the greater human story that unites us all. The Mending Space Instagram circle grows wider and is a gentle, generous place that feels like home.

From this home base of light and love, a tapestry of compassion is also growing wider. Because our stories are so deeply intertwined, giving to global organizations that aid and protect the poor, the exploited, and the planet is a top priority at The Mending Space. At least 20% of every sale has always gone to organizations like International Justice Mission, Care, and Sierra Club. 

Making textile art, sharing our journeys, and loving the vulnerable - this is what The Mending Space is about. You are always welcome here and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by, friend. Please let me know if you have any questions. And feel free to visit The Mending Space on Instagram for connection and inspiration.

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