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make beauty

give grace

send love


In everything The Mending Space does, we:

  • deeply value the inherent beauty and worth of every individual

  • intentionally care for our earth

  • create with passion, integrity, and originality

  • use only materials of highest quality, beauty, and sustainability

  • partner with organizations that aid and protect
    the poor, the exploited, and the planet

  • serve each customer with unwavering care, integrity, and efficiency

  • embrace the beauty, grace, and love all around us


More than ten percent of your purchase always goes to
organizations that help:

  • orphans

  • widows

  • the hungry and thirsty

  • the homeless

  • the exploited

  • the planet

Organizations The Mending Space has donated to include:

earth care

At The Mending Space, we practice earth care by:

  • handcrafting each piece with only vintage, repurposed, or sustainable materials

  • dyeing paper and fabrics with only natural items like coffee, tea, and berries

  • packaging smaller pieces in 100% compostable cellophane

  • wrapping larger pieces in recycled and recyclable tissue paper

  • shipping items in reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging

  • working with local and regional suppliers to lessen transit distance

  • using materials that benefit workers locally and globally

  • printing all marketing materials on 100% recycled card stock

  • recycling responsibly

  • creating minimal waste